Sarah Lahbati and Kyline Alcantara Throwing Shade In This Video?

Sarah Lahbati

Are actresses Sarah Lahbati and Kyline Alcantara throwing shade? Throwing shade? People online have these comments on the video of actresses Sarah Lahbati and Kyline Alcantara. Netizens expressed that if there’s one common denominator between actresses Sarah Lahbati and Kyline Alcantara, it would have to be the rumored issues they have with the mother of their … Read more

Kyline Alcantara Unfollows Mavy Legaspi, Carmina & Zoren

kyline alcantara mavy legaspi carmina villarroel zoren legaspi

Netizens found out something about the Instagram page of Kyline Alcantara Kapuso actress Kyline Alcantara unfollowed her former loveteam partner Mavy Legaspi and his parents, celebrity couple Carmina Villarroel and Zoren Legaspi. During the height of Kyline and Mavy’s loveteam partnership as MavLine, many fans speculated that they became a couple in real life. Although … Read more

Carmina Villarroel Reacts To People Connecting Her Post To Darren Espanto

carmina villarroel darren espanto

Netizens thought that the post that Carmina Villarroel shared meant something Seasoned actress Carmina Villarroel has this reaction to people connecting her post to what Kapamilya singer Darren Espanto said. To recall, Darren clarified the real score between him and Kapuso actress Cassy Legaspi, Carmina’s daughter with Zoren Legaspi. This created an issue somehow because … Read more

Darren Espanto On Kyline Alcantara: “Naging kami dati.”

Darren Espanto

Singer-host Darren Espanto has revelations about his puppy love. DARREN ESPANTO – The Kapamilya star has this confession about his past “puppy love” with Kapuso actress Kyline Alcantara. Previously, Kapuso actress Kyline Alcantara appeared and performed in It’s Showtime. Since the Kapamilya noontime show is now airing in GMA’s main channel, the Kapuso stars can … Read more

Mavy Legaspi Reacts To Kyline Alcantara-Darren Espanto “Ship”

Mavy Legaspi says he has no problem with Darren Espanto Kapuso actor Mavy Legaspi has this reaction when asked about the shipping that fans make for Kapuso actress Kyline Alcantara and Kapamilya singer Darren Espanto. Mavy and Kyline were previously linked to each other. They were known together as MavLine. Together, they did several projects … Read more

Cassy Legaspi Sets Record Straight After Intriguing Posts

Cassy Legaspi

Following the intriguing posts, this is what Cassy Legaspi has to say. Cassy Legaspi has this statement following the commotion that started after Darren Espanto made some clarifications. Previously, singer-host Darren Espanto set the record straight on the real score between him and Kapuso star Cassy Legaspi. In a report, Espanto clarified that he and … Read more

Darren Espanto, Kyline Alcantara Funny Moment On It’s Showtime

darren espanto kyline alcantara

Darren Espanto and Kyline Alcantara became trending topics on social media Kapamilya singer Darren Espanto and Kapuso actress Kyline Alcantara had this funny moment on It’s Showtime. Darren and Kyline somehow have something in common. Their interaction on the April 10 episode of the Kapamilya noontime caught the attention of the online community. Kyline had … Read more

Kyline Alcantara Drags Paolo Contis Into Breakup w/ Mavy? Lolit Solis Reacts

kyline alcantara mavy legaspi paolo contis

Lolit Solis slammed Kyline Alcantara in her recent write-up Kapuso actress Kyline Alcantara is accused by veteran showbiz writer Lolit Solis of dragging actor-host Paolo Contis into her breakup issue with Mavy Legaspi. In 2023, the MavLine breakup was one of the celebrity breakups that caught the online community’s attention. Netizens were talking about the … Read more