Kind-Hearted Hairstylist Gives Free Haircut to Less-Fortunate People

Kind-Hearted Hairstylist

Kind-Hearted Hairstylist Shows Kindness to Less-Fortunate People by Giving Free Haircut A kind-hearted hairstylist earns praises from the online community after giving a free haircut to the less-fortunate people. A Facebook user named Marko Bustarde has shared the video footage of himself giving a free haircut to the less-fortunate and homeless people along the street. … Read more

Concerned Resident Exposes Toxic Filipino Culture Degrading Less-Fortunate People

Concerned Resident

Concerned Resident Posts Photo of Poor Vendor and Exposes Toxic Filipino Culture A concerned resident exposes the toxic Filipino culture and traits, which allegedly degrades the less-fortunate people. A Facebook user named Alvin Gutay Mortel has shared the photo of a poor vendor selling his products beside the street and exposed the toxic culture of … Read more

Kind Lady Gives Jollibee Meals To Less-Fortunate People During Her Birthday

Kind Lady

Kind Lady Celebrates Her Birthday Through Giving Jollibee Meals To Less-Fortunate People A kind lady gives Jollibee meals to a less-fortunate people during her birthday celebration to prove that faith in humanity is restored. Nowadays, we can rarely see people showing an act of kindness towards others due to the increase of wickedness. However, there … Read more

Momoland To Hold Benefit Concert For Less-Fortunate Filipino Children


Momoland To Throw Benefit Concert For Needy Filipino Children MOMOLAND – South Korean all-girl group Momoland to donate earnings in Manila concert for the less-fortunate Filipino children. K-pop group Momoland is famous among Filipinos. They are known for the hit song “Bboom Bboom,” “BAAM,” and “Wonderful Love” among others. The group consists of 9 members: … Read more