Kind-Hearted Hairstylist Gives Free Haircut to Less-Fortunate People

Kind-Hearted Hairstylist Shows Kindness to Less-Fortunate People by Giving Free Haircut

A kind-hearted hairstylist earns praises from the online community after giving a free haircut to the less-fortunate people.

A Facebook user named Marko Bustarde has shared the video footage of himself giving a free haircut to the less-fortunate and homeless people along the street. The kind guy earned praises from the social media users.

The 27-year-old hairstylist from Caloocan City spend his free time along the streets of Metro Manila offering free haircuts to the homeless people amid the coronavirus pandemic. He started his mission last December 2020.

Kind-Hearted Hairstylist Kind-Hearted Hairstylist Kind-Hearted Hairstylist Kind-Hearted Hairstylist

Bustarde aims to serve at least three to five people per day and doing his best to perform his act of kind thrice a week. The hairstylist is a husband to an expectant wife and father to a son.

The kind-hearted hairstylist also expressed his gratitude towards the social media users who appreciated his effort to show kindness and prove that the faith in humanity remains alive amid the health crisis.

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Here is the full post:

SALAMAT PO SA LAHAT FB WORLD KAKILALA KAIBIGAN PAMILYA na nagshare ng Post na to 240 plus and counting salamat po

Love na love ko kayo


The netizens lauded the Marko for showing kindness towards the poor people amid the pandemic:

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