Ben Tulfo to Rendon Labador: “Bilin ng ina, wag pumatol sa mga babae”

Ben Tulfo Chides Rendon Labador Over Story on Facebook Account Veteran journalist and BITAG host Ben Tulfo chides social media personality Rendon Labador over a story on his Facebook account. The two have become the focus of social media after the BITAG presenter supposedly issued a statement condemning the so-called motivational speaker after his diatribe … Read more

Ben Tulfo: “Dalawa alagang aso lang ang kilalang LABRADOR”

Ben Tulfo Clarifies Fake Statement Online and Claims He Knows Only 2 Labradors BITAG host and producer Ben Tulfo releases an official statement against the fake statement circulating and claims he only knows two Labrador. They explained on the official Facebook page of BITAG Multimedia Network that the claimed comment he released against the social … Read more

Rendon Labador on Ben Tulfo: “May kapatid pala si Raffy Tulfo”

Rendon Labador Expresses Reactions to Ben Tulfo Debunking Fake News The so-called motivational speaker Rendon Labador expresses his reactions towards the veteran journalist Ben Tulfo clarifying fake news. As previously reported, the BITAG presenter and producer recently went viral on social media after reportedly issuing a remark against the social media star Rendon Labador. Ben … Read more

Jack Logan Slams Rendon Labador: “Influencer dapat walang saltik sa utak”

Jack Logan Sides with Celebrities Against Rendon Labador and His Harsh Tirade Social media personality Jack Logan sides with other celebrities against fellow internet influencer Rendon Labador and his harsh tirade. Jack Logan, a social media influencer, took an effort to defend the celebrities who were insulted online by another influencer, Rendon Labador. Rendon, a … Read more

Ben Tulfo Tirade vs Rendon Labador Circulating Online is “Fake”

Tirade of Ben Tulfo Against Rendon Labador for Criticizing Michael V is Fake The tirade of the veteran journalist Ben Tulfo against the social media personality Rendon Labador for criticizing comedian Michael V is fake. Rendon should be cautious about what he says, according to the BITAG host. Tulfo, on the other hand, will not … Read more

Tito Boy Abunda Admits Being Scared to be “Laos”

boy abunda

Tito Boy Abunda Revealed He Was Scared to be “Laos” The “King of Talk” Tito Boy Abunda revealed to the public that he was allegedly scared of being “laos” or an outdated personality. Boy Abunda stated in Isko Moreno’s new vlog “Iskoverynight” that he was afraid when ABS-CBN lost its franchise and closed down. He … Read more

Rendon Labador Hits Michael V: “Bitoy dati natatawa ako sayo, ngayon hindi na!”

Rendon Labador Throws Another Furious Tirade Against “Bitoy” Michael V Social media personality Rendon Labador throws another furious tirade against the veteran comedian “Bitoy” Michael V. Rendon Labador, a self-proclaimed motivational speaker, couldn’t help himself and filmed a video criticizing the famous comic. Rendon stated in his video that he was dissatisfied with Bitoy’s admonition … Read more

Kakai Bautista to Rendon Labador: “Wag masyadong mataas ang lipad kapatid”

Kakai Bautista Slams Rendon Labador Over Tirade Against Michael V Singer-comedian Kakai Bautista slammed social media personality Rendon Labador over his tirade against veteran comedian Michael V. Kakai Bautista couldn’t disguise her disappointment in the comments made by a self-proclaimed motivational speaker against the veteran comedian in a Facebook comment. Kakai joined other celebrities in … Read more

Kuya Kim, Joross Gamboa Defends Michael V from Rendon Labador

Kuya Kim, Joross Gamboa Reacts to Rendon Labador After Calling Michael V “Laos” Kuya Kim Atienza and Joross Gamboa react to “laos” remark of social media personality Rendon Labador against comedian Michael V. Kapuso trivia expert Kuya Kim Atienza, actor Joross Gamboa, and other celebrities agreed with Kapuso comic Michael V’s comments about content creators … Read more