Tom Rodriguez Girlfriend To Give Birth Soon?

tom rodriguez

Is it true that Tom Rodriguez will become a father soon? Rumor has it that the non-showbiz girlfriend of Kapuso actor Tom Rodriguez is set to give birth soon. Tom had his showbiz comeback early this year after taking a break for a couple of years. It was reported that the actor has three comeback … Read more

Paolo Contis On Unfollowing Yen Santos

paolo contis yen santos

Paolo Contis and his relationship with Yen Santos became a hot topic again Kapuso actor Paolo Contis had this answer when asked about unfollowing actress Yen Santos on Instagram. Following and unfollowing have become a big deal when it comes to celebrities in the Philippines. It could be that a new connection was made or … Read more

Xian Lim Shares Nonchalant Quote Amid Recent Issues

xian lim quote

Xian Lim received another round of negative comments due to this Kapuso actor Xian Lim shared a nonchalant quote amid the recent issues with his ex-girlfriend Kapamilya actress Kim Chiu. Xian and Kim’s breakup which was announced in December last year still lingers as among the hot showbiz topics on social media these past few … Read more

Xian Lim Says Relationship Is “Not A Playtime”

xian lim

Xian Lim was asked if he did or experienced “playtime” Kapuso actor Xian Lim stressed that entering a relationship is not playtime and that a person comes into one’s life with a reason. Xian’s love life has been a hot topic since his breakup with Kapamilya actress Kim Chiu was confirmed. Months prior to their … Read more

Xian Lim Attitude, Direk Mark Reyes Reveals This

Xian Lim Attitude was revealed by this director Director Mark Reyes shared his experience working with the Kapuos actor in the movie Playtime. To recall, Xian received negative comments on social media after Kapuso Brylle Tabora claimed that the actor was hard to work with and they had a difficult time with him on a … Read more

Paolo Contis Wants To Say Sorry To This Person

paolo contis

Paolo Contis admitted he has made a lot of mistakes Kapuso actor Paolo Contis shared that he wanted to stay sorry to this person because he has made wrong decisions in his life. Paolo is probably one of the most controversial actors these past years. Aside from the intrigues in his showbiz career, his personal … Read more

Paolo Contis Shares How He Handles Bashing

paolo contis

Paolo Contis admitted that he gets affected by the bashing he received Kapuso actor Paolo Contis has his fair share of bashing in showbis and he shared how he handles the negative reactions. Paolo became a trending topic on social media for many instances and different reasons. He was called with different negative names and … Read more