JM de Guzman Talks About His “Panliligaw” To Donnalyn Bartolome

jm de guzman donnalyn bartolome

JM de Guzman expressed his feelings for Donnalyn Bartolome Kapamilya actor JM de Guzman talked about his “pangliligaw” to celebrity-vlogger Donnalyn Bartolome. Last April, in a social media post, the actor admitted that he has a crush on the vlogger. He shared a close-up photo of Donnalyn with the caption “Crush”. This received a positive … Read more

Alessandra de Rossi Reacts To Negative Review On ‘What If?’

Alessandra de Rossi and JM de Guzman’s new movie received negative reactions Actress Alessandra de Rossi has this reaction to the negative review of her recent Netflix movie What If? with actor JM de Guzman. Alessandra is an award-winning actress. Aside from being an actress, she is also a director. With her talent in front … Read more

JM de Guzman Admits Crush On Donnalyn Bartolome

JM de Guzman, Donnalyn Bartolome

JM de Guzman Has A Crush On Youtuber Donnalyn Bartolome JM DE GUZMAN – Kapamilya actor and singer JM de Guzman admitted his that he has a crush on online content creator Donnalyn Bartolome. Juan Miguel Gob de Guzman a.k.a. JM de Guzman is a Pinoy mixed martial artist, actor, singer, and model. HeJM is … Read more

JM de Guzman Admits He Struggled To Handle Fame

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JM de Guzman Says ‘Kinain po ako ng fame’ JM DE GUZMAN – Kapamilya actor and singer JM de Guzman admitted that he struggled with fame during the early part of his showbiz career. Juan Miguel Gob de Guzman, also known by his stage as JM de Guzman, is a Filipino actor, singer, model, and … Read more

JM de Guzman Admits He Has “Kinakaadikan” Right Now

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JM de Guzman was asked about his love life Actor JM de Guzman admitted in a recent interview that he has “kinakaadikan” right now but he refused to divulge the details. JM is open about his past struggles when it comes to his addiction. He bravely shared his journey through social media posts and interviews. … Read more