Japan Health Minister Apologizes For Official’s Big Late-Night Party

Japan Health Minister Apologizes For Partying Despite Restrictions JAPAN HEALTH MINISTER – Health, Labor, and Welfare Minister Norihisa Tamura lamented recent events as he apologizes for his officials throwing a big party amid restrictions due to COVID-19. Recently, the Japanese government imposed a protocol ordering shorter business hours to curb the spread of the coronavirus. But, … Read more

Japan Records New COVID-19 Variants Different From UK, South Africa

Japan Records 90 New COVID-19 Variants From Overseas JAPAN RECORDS NEW COVID-19 VARIANTS – Health officials in Japan reported at least 90 new cases of mutated coronavirus variants. Recently, there has been an influx of new COVID-19 strains across the globe. Early in January, the U.K. announced a new, more transmissible virus strain. Meanwhile, South … Read more

Health Authorities In Japan: COVID-19 Potential To Spread Is Critical

Health Authorities Say Japan Is At “Crossroads” In Preventing COVID-19 Outbreak HEALTH AUTHORITIES IN JAPAN: Amidst the global spread of COVID-19, experts believe that Japan is now at the “crossroads” of preventing a major coronavirus outbreak. According to experts, Japan may need to reconsider the Olympics is local transmissions of the virus are not contained. … Read more