Health Authorities In Japan: COVID-19 Potential To Spread Is Critical

Health Authorities Say Japan Is At “Crossroads” In Preventing COVID-19 Outbreak

HEALTH AUTHORITIES IN JAPAN: Amidst the global spread of COVID-19, experts believe that Japan is now at the “crossroads” of preventing a major coronavirus outbreak.

Health Authorities In Japan: COVID-19 Potential To Spread Is Critical
Image from: The Economic Times

According to experts, Japan may need to reconsider the Olympics is local transmissions of the virus are not contained.

Infectious disease specialist, Norio Ohmagari, stated that he believed that the measures taken by the government could still prevent the virus from spreading widely.

However, he added that the next three weeks would be very critical in determining whether or not a major outbreak would happen.

We are now on the crossroads for the containment of the COVID-19 or the outbreak of this COVID-19 within our country

Based on an article from Channel News Asia, Japan had already confirmed at least 186 domestic infections. This included three deaths since the start of the outbreak.

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Because of the rise in domestic cases, the government of Japan had come under pressure for its relatively hands-off approach in handling the virus.

However, Ohmagari defended measures that included requesting, but not ordering, the cancellation of major events and encouraging teleworking and off-peak commuting.

As per the report, Ohmagari stated that he wanted to see the domestic transmission of the virus contained before the Games.

We have to see the situation at least three weeks from now.

If we can contain the secondary transmission within the country… I think that’s a very good sign, and it’s a very good signal for us to decide ‘go’ for the Olympics and Paralympics.

Amidst the potential of spreading the virus faster during the games, Ohmagari stated:

If there is a significant outbreak or, I do not hope this to happen but, a pandemic of this kind of infectious disease, we really have to think about holding this kind of large event, is it feasible or not?

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