Ivana Alawi Tries The Spiciest Chip Paqui Chip

This is what happened to Ivana Alawi after eating the “spiciest chip”.

IVANA ALAWI – Paqui Chip is a trending and viral challenge online and just recently, Ivana Alawi tried this and this is her reaction.

Paqui Chip is a “high voltage chip” that contains both super-charged Carolina Reaper Pepper and stinging Scorpion Pepper. It is just a one-chip package but this thin chip alone can crush down a person.

Kapamilya actress Ivana Alawi is fond of spicy foods.

She has always been fond of spicy and stinging flavors but her tolerance to this was recently tested.

Ivana Alawi
Photo grabbed on YouTube

In the new vlog content of Hash, he challenged his sisters to eat spicy food with a cash equivalent for every level they pass.

Ivana, being the spicy food lover that she is, passed all levels from spicy sauce to Carolina sauce level. And the last one is the said “spiciest chip” in the world. It has a dark color and according to them, it smells sweet.

And that was the deceiving part.

They took the whole chip for once and extremely regretted it right after. It took them a little over two minutes to jug down milk. Their eyes were red and their tears are going down uncontrollably and fully.

“Grabe! Para akong iniwan ng ex ko. Ang tagal mawala,” quips Ivana while eating ice cream to ease the extreme stinging in her system.

Watch the video below:

As for Hash, with everything he has experienced from that one single, he shared a lesson for his viewers and that is not to dare try the Paqui. He was vomiting and there was one time when blood came out.

He asked a doctor about this and was advised to observe further symptoms as the blood that came out could be because of throat damage.

He strongly does not recommend it.


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