Hantavirus Misleading Post: Not Comparable To The New Coronavirus

hantavirus misleading post

Be aware of Hantavirus misleading post Hantavirus Misleading Post – Be aware of this misleading post about the Hantavirus that was reportedly the cause of death of a Chinese man. In a previous report, a China-based news entity Global Times confirmed that a man died due to Hantavirus while riding on a bus. Other passengers … Read more

Hantavirus: Everything You Need To Know & How It Spreads


A new virus emerged in China, the Hantavirus, amid coronavirus global crisis. HANTAVIRUS – Amid the terrifying pace of the coronavirus, another type of virus emerged in China and here’s what you need to know about this. Diseases like swine flu and bird flu have caused trouble to some countries but globally affecting many areas … Read more

Hantavirus Begins To Plague China As COVID-19 Numbers Go Down

After COVID-19 Declines, Hantavirus Begins New Outbreak In China HANTAVIRUS – Just as the Coronavirus outbreak in China starts to dwindle, the country is faced with another viral outbreak. Recently, health authorities in China reported little to no cases of COVID-19 in Wuhan. However, a whistle-blower from the city’s disease prevention unit said they were … Read more