Arnold Clavio Slams Decision of Government to Import Fish

Arnold Clavio Reacts to the Decision of Government to Import Fish Veteran journalist Arnold Clavio expresses his reactions to the decision of the government to import fish into the country. Clavio took to Instagram to voice his viewpoint on the Department of Agriculture’s (DA) choice to import fish. Recall that the DA declared on November … Read more

75 Individuals Suffer Food Poisoning in Bayambang town, Pangasinan

Food Poisoning

75 Individuals Suffer From Food Poisoning After Eating Galunggog and Tahong BAYAMBANG, PANGASINAN – 75 individuals reportedly suffered food poisoning after eating green mussels and galunggong. Food poisoning is the result of eating contaminated, spoiled, or toxic food. Victims usually suffer from symptoms of food poisoning including nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Recently, about 75 residents … Read more

BFAR Working to Lower Prices of Poor Man’s Fish or ‘Galunggong”


BFAR Wants to Cut Prices of ‘Galunggong” The Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) is now working to reduce the prices of poor man’s fish or galunggong. The Department of Agriculture (DA) released the date of the price monitoring showing the prevailing prices of galunggong in both local and imported markets. The prices of galunggong has … Read more

Lady Consumer Warns Public About ‘Galunggong’ Containing Parasites

Lady Consumer

Concerned Netizen Warns Public About ‘Galunggong’ filled With Parasites Circulating in Markets A lady consumer warned the public about ‘Galunggong’ containing parasites and shared the disgusting video footage of the fish. Nowadays, the online community was already using the social media to warn the public regarding harmful food products circulating in the market. The social … Read more

Loren Legarda Giving Fish To Fishermen Went Viral


Loren Legarda Gives Two Tubs Of Fish To Fishermen, Entices Social Media Reaction LOREN LEGARDA – A video of Sen. Loren Legarda giving two tubs of fish to fishermen in Antique went viral of social media and sparks reaction from netizens. Legarda is considered as one of the most productive Senator of the Philippines. A broadcast journalist, … Read more