Generous Family Gives Rice, Eggs & Cassava to Poor Neighbors

Generous Family

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Kind Police Officers Give Trays of Eggs to Poor Tricycle Drivers

Kind Police Officers

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Weird World: A 62-Year-Old Man From Indonesia Claims To Lay Eggs

A photo goes viral all over social media sites after showing a man laying an egg. Yes, this man is believed to lay eggs. He was 62 years old when this incident happened. Kakek Sinin said that he does not go to market when his wife asks him for some egg. Instead, he simply stays at home and lays eggs himself saving not only his money but also his time as well.

Indonesia Egg

No further details have been given about the kind of egg it was, other tan being obviously round and white from the picture. So even you would not imagine he could swallow a raw whole egg, or even peeled the egg for that matter. But even if you could swallow one, would an egg be able to pass through our digestive organs without any signs of being broken -down by stomach acids?

Indonesia Eggs 1

Kakek Sinin claims:
“Usually, the eggs come out once every three months. But this month I’ve already laid three eggs,”

“I spent three weeks there. Doctors saw me lay eggs. They were 100 percent convinced, but said my condition had no cure and they eventually gave up,” he said.

But government officials who are stunned by the public hysteria are skeptical. Bambang Suherman, chief of the North Jakarta health agency, took Naim and his “eggs” to a hospital Friday for a laboratory test.

“Medically speaking, this is impossible,” he said.

“This has happened since 1998. I was treated at a hospital once, and I even went to the police.”

Meanwhile, another video has been the center of the topic after showing the same case, but now it can be seen how the may lays 9 eggs. Click here to watch the video.

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