BAGSAK PRESYO: Eggs in Pangasinan Sold at Very Cheap Price Due to Oversupply

Eggs Sold at “Bagsak Presyo” Due To Oversupply in Pangasinan

BAGSAK PRESYO – Tonnes of eggs are being sold at a very cheap price in the province of Pangasinan due to oversupply.

Nowadays, egg is considered as one of the most popular ingredients of different foods and cuisines not only in the Philippines but also in various regions all around the world. It is too versatile and can be used in most of the dishes

However, some of our countrymen find egg’s prices are quite high compared to other basic ingredients.

Pangasinan Pangasinan Pangasinan

The Facebook Page “GMA News” reported that the eggs in Pangasinan were being sold at a very cheap price. The Filipino consumers take advantage and purchased a lot of eggs while the price is low.

In Mangaldan, Pangasinan, the vendors are selling small eggs at P3.00 each while the large one were being sold at P6.50 each. Department of Agriculture Region 1 explained that there is an oversupply of eggs in the area.

“Kasi pumupunta ‘yuing mga itlog ng mga ibang probinsya, kaya nangyayari parang marami tayong itlog na dumadayo rito. Ang nangyari nagiging mura ‘yung itlog,” Dept. of Agriculture Region 1 Dr. Jovita Datuin said.

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The online community have also expressed their reactions regarding the cheaper prices of eggs:

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