Iñigo Pascual on people asking why he didn’t post for his mom’s birthday

Iñigo Pascual has this reaction to people’s questions about his mom

Actor-singer Iñigo Pascual answered the people who are asking why he did not post anything for his mom Donna Lazaro‘s birthday.

A-list actor Piolo Pascual had his son Iñigo before he entered the entertainment industry with his former non-showbiz girlfriend. Iñigo’s mom has always been on the back seat no matter how successful he is now with his career in Hollywood.

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Although the Monarch actor’s mom is a private person, apparently, there were fans or showbiz enthusiasts who wondered why he did not greet her on social media. In his recent Instagram Stories, Iñigo reacted to these inquiries of netizens.

“Why is that your business anyways?” he asked back. Iñigo Pascual stressed that some of his best memories with his mom are off cam. He also said that he does not see the necessity to post these memories online. “Social media doesn’t always need to know everything,” the actor-singer said.

He added in his other IG Story that it is his mom who best knows him in front and behind the camera. Iñigo stressed that what matters to him the most is that he loves his mom and she knows it.

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Meanwhile, Iñigo Pascual would always be called the son of Piolo Pascual, especially when he was starting in showbiz with the known fact that his father is one of the biggest stars.

With all the success that Iñigo is achieving now at the international level, Piolo said that he does not mind being called the father of Iñigo. It is something that the A-list actor feels proud of.

In a recent episode of Korina Interview of Korina Sanchez, Piolo admitted that he always believed that his son is meant for a bigger stage, for a global platform.

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