DOJ Warns Public vs Fake Email Using Justice Chief Name for Solicitation

DOJ Warns Fake Email Address of Justice Chief Used for Solicitation The Department of Justice (DOJ) has warned the public against the fake email address using the name of a justice chief to solicit money. The bogus email address, according to the department, claimed to belong to Sec. Guevarra, Menardo. According to the investigation, the … Read more

DOJ Ok’s ‘Warrantless’ Arrest of Teacher Who Posted Killing Duterte

DOJ Ok’s ‘Warrantless’ Arrest of Teacher Who Offers P50M for Duterte’s Life The Department of Justice (DOJ) approved the warrantless arrest of the teacher for offering P50 million on Facebook for killing President Duterte. The inquest prosecutor General Ben Malcontento said Friday, approves the warrantless arrest of the Ronnel Mas, a 25-year-old public school teacher … Read more

DOJ Reminds Public To Write “2020” in Full To Avoid Scam


Public Encouraged by DOJ To Write “2020” in Full DOJ – The Department of Justice is reminding the public to write the year “2020” in full to avoid getting scammed. Undeniably, in filling in documents and other written information, some of us are used to abbreviating the date or writing it in shortcut form. It … Read more