Pinay, Indian BF Arrested Over Noncooperation with COVID-19 Tracers

Pinay with Indian BF Arrested in HK for Noncooperation with COVID-19 Tracers The Hongkong authorities arrested a Pinay along with her Indian boyfriend over noncooperation with COVID-19 contact tracers after tested positive. In Hong Kong, a Filipina and her Indian engineer boyfriend were arrested for lying to government COVID-19 contact tracers. The Indian engineer arrived … Read more

Contact Tracers Admit Having Hard Time Tracing Due to False Information

Contact Tracers Air Dismay to People Putting False Information in Contact Forms CONTACT TRACERS – The monitoring team admitted that they are having a hard time tracing patients due to false information logged in contact tracing forms. Despite the importance of contact tracing to monitor the spread of COVID-19, it seems that some people do … Read more

DOLE Seeks 12K Individuals to Work as Contact Tracers in “NCR Plus”

DOLE to Hire 12K Contact Tracers to Work Under the “NCR Plus” The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) seeks 12,000 individuals to work as contact tracers under “NCR Plus” or enhanced community quarantine anew. An estimated 12,000 contact tracers are needed by the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) to be assigned to the … Read more

Woman in Singapore Jailed After Lying to Coronavirus Contact Tracers

Woman in Singapore Lying to Contact Tracers for Coronavirus Arrested SINGAPORE- Singaporean woman was arrested and jailed for 5 months after lying to contact tracers for coronavirus disease (COVID-19). A 65-year-old woman was sentenced to six months in prison after being arrested for lying to the contact tracers as she hides her meetings with a … Read more