Popular Scrap Chocolate Safe or Not? DTI Releases Statement

Popular Scrap Chocolate

DTI Releases Statement Regarding the Safety of Popular Scrap Chocolate SCRAP CHOCOLATE – DTI has released a statement regarding the safety of public consuming popular scrap chocolate. Nowadays, scrap chocolate is very popular in various areas in the Philippines. A lot of Filipino people were purchasing these products being sold online because of its cheap … Read more

MEET: Filipina Founder Of The World’s First Belgian Tableya

Filipina Founder Belgian Tableya 6

Marielle Flores is the Filipina Founder of the World’s First Belgian Tableya FILIPINA FOUNDER – Meet the Filipina founder of the World’s First Belgian Tableya, Marielle Flores. Spaniards are the one who introduced cocoa tree into the Philippines and the rest of Asia. The bean of the cocoa can turn into very delicious chocolate. The … Read more

Craving For Unhealthy Foods Indicates Mineral Deficiencies

Unhealthy Foods

Mineral Deficiencies Shows Craving For Unhealthy Foods Craving for unhealthy foods contains certain types of minerals needed by our body, unhealthy food cravings might indicate mineral deficiencies. Our body naturally needs a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals to maintain it healthy. An unhealthy diet can cause negative effects to the body. Eating healthy foods … Read more