Angry Motorist Upset After Carwash Boy Cleans Newly Washed Car

Angry Motorist

Angry Motorist Expresses Frustration After Carwash Boy Cleans Newly Washed Car CARWASH – A motorist expressed anger after a carwash boy began cleaning his car right after it had been washed. A carwash is a service where vehicles, typically cars, are cleaned, both on the exterior and sometimes the interior, using specialized equipment and cleaning … Read more

Carwash Employee Lost His Life After Being Stabbed by Co-worker

Carwash Employee

Carwash Employee Stabbed by Co-worker During Altercation A carwash employee lost his life after being stabbed by a co-worker in Barangay Greater Fairview, Quezon City on Monday evening (November 20, 2023). According to the Quezon City Police District – Criminal Investigation and Detection Unit (QCPD-CIDU), the 32-year-old victim was killed inside the barracks of the … Read more