7-year-old Boy Died after being Poisoned by his Own Father in Leyte

Alleged Depressed Father Poisoned His Own Boy Son to Death in Leyte A 7-year-old boy died after being poisoned by his own father who allegedly suffered from depression in Leyte. The 7-year-old boy from Mahaplag, Leyte, died after being poisoned by his own father. The young boy was eating a cake when he was poisoned … Read more

Cake for Delivery Found Filled with Illegal Drug; 2 Suspects Nabbed in Makati

Cake to be Delivered in Makati Discovered with Illegal Plant Drug Inside Authorities discovered an illegal plant drug called “Maryjane” inside a cake supposed to be delivered by a rider to the recipient in Makati. Two suspects were arrested in Makati for allegedly sending and receiving illegal substances, according to the report. An illegal plant … Read more

Police in Bacolod City Received Cake with Human Ears as Toppings

Bacolod City Police Received Cake with a Toppings of Human Ears as Life Threat A cake with a toppings of human ears was sent to police in Bacolod City including a life threatening message inside from unknown person. In a report of DYHB, a cake with human ears toppings was sent by an unidentified person … Read more

IPIS CAKE: Lady Netizen Makes Cockroach-Themed Cake


Lady Netizen Makes Cockroach-Themed Cake Called Ipis Cake IPIS CAKE – A lady netizen goes viral and elicits various reactions from the netizens after making a cockroach-themed cake. Cake is one of the most demanded foods during special occasions such as birthday, wedding, Valentine’s Day, graduation and other events. Most people love cake because of … Read more

Entertaining Photos of Dishwashing Inspired Cake Goes Viral Online

Dishwashing Inspired Cake

Dishwashing Inspired Cake Earns Various Reactions From the Online Community The entertaining photos of a dishwashing inspired cake goes viral online after it was posted on social media. Throughout the decades, cakes have been very popular not only in the Philippines but also in different countries all around the world. Most people usually buy cake … Read more