Bea Alonzo Shares Feelings About Dominic Liking Girls’ Photos On Social Media

This is what Bea Alonzo feels about her boyfriend liking the photos of other girls.

BEA ALONZO – In a vlog, Bea Alonzo shares she’s not jealous of Dom liking the photos of other girls but is jealous of this.

Celebrity couple Bea Alonzo and Dominic Roque have been together for over a year now. The actress came from a bad breakup before Dom but did not think twice to try it again in love because Dom, her friend for a long time, is someone she knows who is not out there to hurt anyone.

She’s a bit older compared to Dom but age did not matter at all. They are an unexpected couple but many are happy because they see how happy and contented Bea is now with him considering the heartbreaking romance she had prior to him.

And just recently, in a girl’s talk vlog, one netizen asked her about her partner constantly liking other girls on social media. For Bea, in her personal perspective, she sees nothing wrong with it. For one, she is not the jealous type. She doesn’t get jealous easily. And one more thing, she fully trusts that Dom won’t do something that will break them apart.

As for the one who asked, she advised her to speak out to her partner. The best way to make things work is by having effective communication to fix the issues. And if it affects her that her boyfriend likes other girls online, she should acknowledge as this is valid. It is valid because it is what she feels.

However, in another question, she did admit that she is jealous of other things. She is jealous of him spending time more with other people than her. She is also jealous of his drone and other gadgets.

Watch her vlog below:


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