Baron Geisler: What’s Next For The Actor After ‘Doll House’?

baron geisler althea ruedas

Fans are anticipating the next project of Baron Geisler What’s next for actor Baron Geisler after the success of his Netflix movie Doll House with child actress Althea Ruedas? Baron received praise from movie fans as well as from his fellow celebrities. His remarkable performance in the movie made viewers cry and this is something … Read more

Baron Geisler Reacts To Doll House’s Success

Baron Geisler stars in this critically-acclaimed movie Actor Baron Geisler reacted to the success of his movie Doll House with child star Althea Ruedas. These past few days, netizens, as well as celebrities, have been talking about the Baron’s Netflix movie. Currently, it is number one on Netflix in the Philippines. Even actor Paolo Contis, … Read more