Baron Geisler Says ‘Doll House’ Is His Rock Bottom, Here’s Why

Baron Geisler talked about his recent movie

Actor Baron Geisler said that the movie Doll House is his rock bottom and here is the reason why he had that statement.

Baron is one of the premier actors of his generation. Over the years, despite the controversies that entangled him, showbiz fans would always commend his acting caliber in whatever role he is doing.

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Based on the article by comedienne-host Giselle Sanchez in her column in Manila Bulletin, Baron has already received seven acting awards, as of this writing.

The actor received two awards from Cinemalaya (Donor and Jay), one from Famas (Manila Kingpin), one from Golden Screen Awards (Jay), two from Star Awards (Manila Kingpin and the Dekada Award), and the recent one is the best actor of the decade by the Luminaire Awards and this is for the movie Doll House.

In an interview, Baron Geisler talked about his recent movie. “Dollhouse is my rock bottom because it will always remind me to take care of my sobriety and it will remind me also sa mga bagay na pwedeng mawala… the story is so me…after the coma, after the relapse… After the heart attack…Sayang ang buhay, sayang ang panahon, sayang ang oras,” he said.

Baron has received positive feedback for his performance in the said movie. Even his fellow celebrities have lauded him for portraying the role of Uncle Clyde perfectly. In the duration of his career, he has been nominated 17 times.

When asked about the recognition that he received, Baron said that it was like a pat on the shoulder, a sort of assurance that he has done well. He also said that he appreciates the love and respect of the people who contributed to his journey and the chance to be recognized.

The award-winning actor also shared that people, especially children, have started calling him Uncle Clyde, his character in Doll House. “By God’s grace, I get to maintain this wholesome father figure image. When I bring my daughter Tali to BGC, a lot of kids look up to me and call me Uncle Clyde,” Baron Geisler shared.

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