Andi Eigenmann and Philmar Alipayo Postpone Wedding

Andi Eigenmann

Here’s why Andi Eigenmann and Philmar Alipayo decided to do this. Siargao-based couple Andi Eigenmann and Philmar Alipayo are putting their wedding on hold because of this reason. Andi Eigenmann and partner, pro-surfer Philmar Alipayo have been engaged for over three years now. To recall, Andi and Philmar’s engagement happened in 2020 and they announced it by … Read more

Andi Eigenmann “Naninigaw” Joke, Philmar Has Epic Reaction

Andi Eigenmann

This is how Philmar Alipayo reacted when Andi Eigenmann joked about this in their new video. ANDI EIGENMANN – In a new vlog, Philmar Alipayo has this reaction when Andi Eigenmann joked about his “paninigaw”. Siargao-based couple Andi Eigenmann and Philmar Alipayo announced their engagement in December 2020. They have two kids named Lilo and Koa. Their … Read more

Andi Eigenmann New Vlog w/ Children Earns Praise

Andi Eigenmann

Here’s a new vlog of Andi Eigenmann that caught social media attention. ANDI EIGENMANN – Happy Islander Andi Eigenmann shows another random day of her life on the island and netizens have these reactions. Living the ultimate island life that some of us are yearning to have is Andi Eigenmann with fiance surfer Philmar Alipayo along … Read more

Andi Eigenmann Pens Sweet Birthday Message For Philmar Alipayo

Andi Eigenmann

This is the sweet birthday message of Andi Eigenmann for her future husband. ANDI EIGENMANN – Former actress and now social media influencer, Andi Eigenmann pens a beautiful message for Philmar Alipayo. Turning 30 on Wednesday, August 17, is the professional surfer partner of Andi Eigenmann, Philmar Alipayo. He and Andi have been together for … Read more

Andi Eigenmann Shares Inspiring Progress In Fitness Journey

Andi Eigenmann

Netizens get inspired seeing the fitness progress of Andi Eigenmann and here’s a video of it. ANDI EIGENMANN – Months after giving birth to her third child, Andi Eigenmann shared her great improvement in getting in shape. Fitness is for everyone and fitness is a need. Health experts say that being fit is an indication … Read more

Andi Eigenmann Turns 32 and Philmar Has This Sweet Message For Her

Andi Eigenmann

Just recently, Andi Eigenmann turned 32 years old and her partner penned this message for her in a post. ANDI EIGENMANN – Celebrity-vlogger Andi Eigenmann celebrates her birthday and Philmar Alipayo posted these photos of her with a sweet caption. Birthdays are our milestones and Andi Eigenmann recently reached another milestone in her life. With … Read more

Jake Ejercito Speaks About Andi Eigenmann and Philmar Alipayo

Jake Ejercito Andi Eigenmann

Here’s what Jake Ejercito said about working with Andi Eigenmann and meeting Philmar Alipayo. JAKE EJERCITO – Famous actor and model Jake Ejercito has this comment about possibly working with Andi Eigenmann and speaks about Philmar Alipayo. Ellie is actress Andi Eigenmann’s daughter with Jake Ejercito. Although they have a rough, the two were both … Read more

Celebrity Weddings 2021: Wedding We Look Forward To This 2021

Celebrity Weddings 2021

Here are some celebrity weddings 2021 we are expecting to happen. CELEBRITY WEDDINGS 2021 – These are the much-awaited Pinoy celebrity weddings we all look forward to happen this year 2021. Dreamy, there’s certainly nothing wrong in losing yourself in someone’s romantic wedding snaps and to plot up your own in your minds. The country may … Read more