Glimpse of Sarah Geronimo-Matteo Guidicelli Wedding that Gathered Only A Few People

SARAH GERONIMO-MATTEO GUIDICELLI WEDDING – Here are some details about the intimate wedding of the two (2) Kapamilya stars.

One of the celebrity weddings that undeniably surprised a lot of people was the Sarah GeronimoMatteo Guidicelli wedding. It was no secret to the public that they’re engaged then but they have kept the details about their wedding private.

Sarah Geronimo and Matteo Guidicelli were in a relationship for over five (5) years before they decided to officially tie the knot. It is no secret to the public that the actor is a fan of the actress-singer and it was their singing talent that paved the way for them – also with the help of Billy Crawford.

Collectively called as AshMatt, like other celebrity relationships, the romance between Sarah and Matteo also faced several challenges before getting to the altar. There were people who were doubting the love of the actor for the actress-singer but they hurdled all the obstacles.

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In February 2020, a lot of people were surprised when reports about the Sarah GeronimoMatteo Guidicelli wedding crossed the surface. While many people were surprised and happy for the couple, there were issues surrounding their wedding.

Sarah’s mother, Mommy Divine, allegedly stormed into the wedding. It is no secret to the public that the mother of the actress-singer is not in favor of the actor for her daughter. Meanwhile, the couple continues to hope that things will be fixed someday.

Sarah and Matteo are living together for more than a year now. The actor is vocal about his disbelief everytime he gets to wake up with his wife on his side. She’s warmly welcomed by the family of the actor.

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