A Women Speaks after 11 Years: Larynx Transplant Successful

Voicebox surgery

‘Good morning! I want to go home’ were the first words of Brenda Jensen. A woman in United States of America is now able to speak after eleven years as a result of state of the art larynx transplant. The voice box transplant is a huge success for both the doctors and the family of … Read more

2012 – The End of the World, George Lucas Said

2012 - End of the world

Everybody knows that the world is experiencing a bad condition right now. Flooding in the Philippines, Australia, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, bombing and Earthquake in Pakistan, Riots in Tunisia and a lot more. Everybody thinks that the end of the world is near. Even George Lucas believes that the end of the world in year 2012 … Read more

It’s Minutes not Years – Smoking Kills!

It Takes Minutes!

The US keen and experienced research centers have now said that the smoking damages the body in minutes rather than years. This research was published by U.S Chemical Research in Toxicology has showed in a report that chemicals that cause cancer establish very rapidly in minutes. Smoking industry is amongst the biggest industries of any … Read more

Roman Empire’s Rise and Fall: Trees Unleash the Recorded Information

Roman Empire & Climatic Changes

A deep insight of the tree growth rings has revealed the possibility of a link between the rise and fall of past civilizations such as Roman Empire and climatic transformation in Europe. The concept struck when researchers gathered some statistical data for analysis purposes. The purpose was to find the link between the current situation … Read more