LOOK: Fox Sports Newscaster Slams Gilas Players For Their Act On The Incident

Fox Newscaster on Gilas Players

Fox Sports Newscaster Greg Thomson Calls Gilas Players “Imbeciles” GILAS PLAYERS- A Fox Sports newscaster ranted out and called Gilas Players “imbeciles” for taking a selfie after the brawl. In the previous article, it is stated that Australian basketball player Andrew Bogut slams the players by tweeting a single word. Class https://t.co/GaNYwSJFzF — Andrew Bogut … Read more

Australian Players Allegedly Terrified After The Brawl

Australian Players FIBA

Australian Players Allegedly Scared, Terrified After The Brawl AUSTRALIAN PLAYERS – After the controversial Philippines vs. Australia brawl, Australian players are rumoredly scared and terrified and in fear of their safety. In the previous article, after the brawl, some players from Gilas made a video and even took a selfie in a taunting manner. Moreover, … Read more

LOOK: Manny Pacquiao Believes Philippines Should Apologize

Manny Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao Believes Philippines Should Control Their Temper And Apologize MANNY PACQUIAO – Eight divisions champion Manny Pacquiao said that the players who were involved in the brawl should apologize. The controversial brawl between the basketball teams of Philippines and Australia for the FIBA World Cup qualifiers and its aftermath elicited lots of comments from … Read more

LOOK: The Aftermath Of The Philippines vs. Australia Brawl Elicits Reaction From Netizens

Philippines-Australia Brawl

Netizens React To the Aftermath of the Philippines vs. Australia Brawl PHILIPPINES VS. AUSTRALIA – The brawl between Philippines Vs. Australia was indeed one of the most shocking events in the history of sports. Recently, many basketball fanatics were surprised about the unexpected incident during the qualifying match the FIBA World Cup. Based on a … Read more

Future Dentists Wear Placards Attracting Netizens’ Attention

Future Dentists

Future Dentists Wear Placards, Offer Free Services FUTURE DENTISTS – A pair of soon-to-be dentists wears placards advertising free services to the public and ended up gaining attention from the social media. College is a gateway to life. It simulates various situations we need to face in life like problems, conflict, peace, hangouts, daily routines, … Read more