Two Planes in America Nearly Collide in the Sky

FAA Says Two Planes Nearly Collide in the Sky in America

AERIAL INCIDENT – Two planes nearly collide in the sky above Syracuse Hancock International Airport in New York.

An aerial incident refers to any event involving an aircraft that poses a potential threat to flight safety but does not result in a crash or great damage—situations where two or more aircraft come dangerously close to each other but avoid collision.

Aerial incidents are taken seriously because they can potentially affect the safety of passengers, crew, and people on the ground. Many of these incidents, even minor ones, help improve air travel safety by pointing out areas that need attention or improvement.

Two Planes

On Monday, July 8, 2024, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the United States launched an investigation after two airplanes narrowly avoided a collision in the sky above Syracuse Hancock International Airport in New York.

A dashcam video from a police car captured the two planes almost colliding. The planes were flying just 625 feet apart.

According to an official statement from the authorities, around 11:50 a.m., the control tower cleared Delta Airlines flight 5421 for takeoff to New York City.

Two Planes

Three minutes later, American Eagle flight 5511 from Washington D.C. attempted to land but had to go around, coming very close to the recently taken-off Delta flight. While the FAA is still investigating the incident, they have not classified it as a “near collision.”

These incidents are taken seriously and often lead to investigations by aviation authorities, like the FAA, to determine the cause and implement measures to prevent future incidents.

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