Kind Lady Passenger Praised for Compassion Towards Stray Dog

Kind Lady Passenger Earns Praise for Showing Compassion Towards Stray Dog

A kind lady passenger has received praise online for her kindness and compassion towards a stray dog.

Recently, Rust Tico, a Facebook user, shared a photo of the woman, named Gretchen, who picked up a stray dog from the street and took it on a jeepney ride. The post quickly went viral and garnered admiration from netizens.

Tico saw the lady pick up a stray dog around SM Ecoland and rode the jeep because she was just around Matina. He expressed his appreciation for Gretchen’s kind gesture, emphasizing the need for compassion towards stray animals.

Kind Lady Passenger

Rust asked the netizens to let her know how awesome she was for showing compassion when others couldn’t. He also encouraged the online community not to hurt stray animals and try to understand them.

However, the uploader also warned people to be cautious about sending money to help the dog, as there were attempts to scam those wanting to contribute.

Gretchen, who named the stray dog Brownie, agreed to have her picture shared along with the dog. “I have her consent to post her picture with “Brownie” the name she gave to the stray Dog,” said Tico.

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Her sister later confirmed Gretchen’s identity and shared updates about Brownie’s condition. “She’s my sister, Gretchen Asperga, and I’m so proud of her. She’s graduating tomorrow as a Math major,” her sister said.

The family thanked everyone for their warm messages, noting that Gretchen was shy and overwhelmed by the attention. For those wanting to help further, they provided Gretchen’s GCash number for donations towards Brownie’s food, vaccines, and vitamins.

The post shows the impact of small acts of kindness and the importance of treating all living beings with compassion and respect.

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Kind Lady Passenger

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