Ruffa-Herbert Relationship — Actress Happy In Love with Former Politician

RUFFA-HERBERT RELATIONSHIP – The actress-beauty queen confirmed her relationship with the former Quezon City Mayor and she is visibly happy in love.

After a few years of speculations on the real score between Ruffa Gutierrez and Herbert Bautista, the actress has put an end to all the issues as she confirmed her relationship with the former politician.

Ruffa Gutierrez Reveals First Date w/ Herbert Bautista

Actress Ruffa Gutierrez Speaks on Relationship w/ Herbert Bautista

RUFFA GUTIERREZ – The actress-beauty queen confirmed her relationship with actor-former politician Herbert Bautista and shared about their first date.

The Philippine showbiz industry is a small world. A lot of celebrities would agree on it that is why most actors and actresses, even ex-lovers, don’t close their doors into the possibility of working together. It is also a small world and several celebrities found the love of their life in the same field.

Ruffa Gutierrez, Herbert Bautista Relationship

Among the celebrities who have long been rumored to be together are Ruffa Gutierrez and Herbert Bautista, an actor and former politician. However, both celebrities remained mum amid the speculations and rumors.

It was only recently when Ruffa spoke about her relationship with Herbert. She was with her two (2) daughters, Lorin and Venice, in a vlog interview with Karen Davila.

Lorin and Venice with Ruffa Gutierrez
Screengrabbed from Instagram/@iloveruffag

Ruffa Gutierrez confirmed her relationship with actor and former Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista. The actress even shared her first date with the actor-politician.

According to Ruffa, Herbert included Lorin and Venice on their first date. The actress shared that he wants to meet her daughters and make sure that they are okay with him and everyone is comfortable. He fetched them at the actress’ house.

Both Lorin and Venice visibly support the relationship of their mom, Ruffa Gutierrez, with actor-former politician Herbert Bautista. During the interview, Venice stressed that they can see that their mother is very happy.

As for Lorin, she expressed her belief that the “tell-tale sign” that it is really a strong connection between Ruffa and Herbert is that he motivated her and helped her return to school.

When asked about her status with Herbert, Ruffa expressed that “it’s always serious” and she believes that a quiet personal life leads to more happiness. She stressed that she is always the serious type when it comes to relationships and she will never go for a relationship that is not serious.

Ruffa Gutierrez, Herbert Bautista

Ruffa Gutierrez and Herbert Bautista became close to each other when they did the digital movie The House Arrest of Us which was released in 2020 amid the pandemic. They played the characters of the parents of Kathryn Bernardo in the said hit film.

Herbert Bautista and Ruffa Gutierrez, Kathryn Bernardo

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