New Teacher’s Refusal to Treat Colleagues After Receiving First Salary Sparks Online Debate

New Teacher Elicits Reactions for Refusing to Treat Colleagues After Receiving First Salary

A new teacher’s refusal to treat her co-workers after receiving her first salary went viral and sparked online debate.

Recently, the Facebook account “Teacher Maureen” shared a post, that garnered reactions online after sharing the experience of a newly hired teacher, “Teacher Christine,” who reportedly refused to follow a school tradition of treating all tenured teachers to a meal upon receiving her first salary.

According to the post, it’s a long-standing tradition in the mentioned school for newly hired teachers to provide a feast for their more experienced colleagues after receiving their first paycheck.

First Salary

The tenured teachers had various food suggestions, including lechon, pancit, chicken adobo, menudo, kare-kare, macaroni salad, fruits, and more. Some even suggested hiring a catering service, while others offered to bring their own rice.

However, Teacher Christine reportedly stood her ground against this tradition and explained that she needed to use her first salary to pay off her debts. The newly hired educator had been struggling financially for almost three months.

The young lady explained that she has a family to support and it’s already given for paying off debts.

First Salary

“Ay, wait lang po ah. Kase yung unang sahod ko ibabayad ko sa mga pinagkautangan ko. May paglalaanan na po ako nun. Wala namang tumulong sa inyo sa akin nung mga panahong nagi-struggle ako financially for almost 3 months. May pamilya rin po akong binubuhay. Hindi naman sa pagdadamot, pero meron na po akong naisip na gawin para sa tradisyon na tinatawag niyo hindi nga lang ganyan kabongga! Alam niyo namang bago dumating ang unang sahod ko ay pambayad utang na ‘yan,” Teacher Christine said.

However, it’s unclear whether the story is factual or fictional, it has connected with many people online. The post has garnered numerous reactions and comments, especially from those who have experienced similar situations in their own workplaces, not just in school settings.

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Others have debated the merits of such workplace traditions, with some arguing that they promote bonding and fellowship, while others view them as potentially exploitative, especially for new hires who may already be under financial strain.

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