Xian Lim – Netizens Tell Actor To Stop Talking About Split With Kim Chiu

People online tell Xian Lim to stop talking about his previous relationship.

XIAN LIM – The Kapuso actor-director talked about the split with actress Kim Chiu in an interview and people online have various comments.

In the recent interview of Xian Lim in Fast Talk With Boy Abunda and in this interview, he was asked again about his past relationship with Kim Chiu. In the show, he admitted that the split was not initiated by him which means it was the actress who brought it up.

Xian revealed Kim initiated the split as he said, “To be completely honest I wasn’t the one engaged in the separation, ‘yun lang po siya, it’s that simple… I wasn’t the one who initiated the breakup.”

This is not the first time that Xian entertained questions about the split but what made people wonder was why talk about it now. Is it for his movies? Also, Kim has reacted to this before saying that the past must be left in the past. She added that it would be better to stop talking about it for respect.

In the comments of the interview, people were telling the actor to just shut up and give no comments even when asked. Him being talkative about his past gives people online the impression that he is just doing it to make noise as he has an upcoming film. The film he directed is also coming soon and with these, netizens can’t help it but become suspicious.

Moreover, he only became talkative about it months after and in time for the release of his movies. Some also noted that he was just asked in the interview and what he did was to answer and be honest. However, some argued that he can always say “No comment”.

Here are some comments from the post:

People would always ask questions..Di kana lang sana masyadong nagsalita Xian

Xian better shut up , Kim is putting the the issue out, Kim said give respect and stop the fire

Di pa ba sya tapos??? Interview ulit?

Gamit na gamit si Kim sa promo ng movie ng x niya.. Bat hindi yung tungkol sa present niya ang itanong.

Ayyyyyyy sus! Nag-iingay because may movie. If you really want to move on and respect the relationship, then shut up nalang.

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Xian Lim
Photo grabbed on YouTube
Xian Lim
Photo grabbed on YouTube

Meanwhile, in a previous article, a video of Xian’s mall show with a few people watching him went viral online. Many people expressed speculations about this and most of them said that this could be because of the impression left by the remarks and claims he made about his previous relationship.

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  1. After the Kim and Xian’s breakup, may project naman si Kim na lumabas which is WWWSK pero never nyang ginamit ang name ni X. Bakit si X gamit ng gamit sa name ni Kim? Dead end na kasi nya and di na nya alam kung pano pa iaangat ang career nya kaya gamitan nalang. Kung di ka pa nagka GF ng producer wala kang project ngayon. BE A MAN, daig mo pa ang binabae sa kadadakdak mo, USER!!!


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