Lani Mercado Votes “No” on Divorce Bill, Explains Stand

Bacoor Representative Lani Mercado Speaks on Divorce Bill

LANI MERCADO – The Bacoor Representative explained her stand on the Divorce Bill after voting “No” to the proposed measure.

One of the topics in the Philippines that divide the populace is the Divorce Bill. As of now, there is no divorce in the country thus couples are intensely reminded before marriage to really be prepared on the marital challenges as there is no easy way out.

Divorce Bill
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Currently, one of the proposed measures in the country is the House Bill 9349 which is “An Act Reinstituting Absolute Divorce as an Alternative Mode for the Dissolution of Marriage”. It passed the reading in the House of Representatives.

Twenty (20) lawmakers abstained from voting on the proposed Divorce Bill while 131 lawmakers got affirmative votes. 109 lawmakers voted “no”. One of the lawmakers who voted “No” is Bacoor Representative Lani Mercado.

Lani Mercado
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Bacoor Representative Lani Mercado is married to Senator Bong Revilla for 38 years now. Undeniably, the marriage of the celebrity couple were tested several times. He was detained in Camp Crame for four years. There were also instances when Bong and Lani’s marriage was tested by health situations.

The Senator also has a son outside of marriage when he and the Bacoor Representative were already married. It was before both of them secured posts in the law-making chambers in the Philippine government.

Lani Mercado Bong Revilla Wedding
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In an interview with Pep, Bacoor Representative Lani Mercado explained her vote on the Divorce Bill. She stressed that she believes in “long and lasting marriages”. She apologized to people who are not in favor of her vote but explained that her vote is based on her conscience.

“Kasi ever since naman, if you’ve seen my life, so far, kami lang yung ilan sa mga natitirang long and lasting marriages sa kabila ng lahat. We just live as good examples of what we’re doing,” the lawmaker said.

With regards to the stand of Sen. Bong Revilla on the Divorce Bill, based on the article, Lani Mercado revealed that they have talked about it. The previous statements of the Senator may be in favor of passing the proposed measure but his wife clarified that based on what she knows, he is not so much in favor but if it happens, he wants lower fees for couples who want to go separate ways.

“Kasi ako ang bumoto sa Mababang Kapulungan. Hindi naman iyan sabay. So, let’s wait for his vote,” the Bacoor Representative said.

The Divorce Bill has reached the Senate. Many await the voting of the lawmakers on the proposed measure.

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