Lady Netizen Seeks Help After Swarm of Flies Invades Barangay in Batangas

Swarm of Flies Invades Barangay in Batangas, Lady Netizen Seeks Immediate Action

A lady netizen earns reactions from the online community for seeking help after swarm of flies invades and infested a barangay in Batangas.

Recently, Gracia Briones Vergaram, a Facebook user, seeks help after a swarm of flies invades a barangay in Batangas. The post immediately circulated online and garnered various reactions from the internet users.

In her post, Vergara detailed the terrible situation in their barangay, expressing her frustration at the lack of action from local officials. She explained that the fly infestation has been ongoing for almost a month, severely affecting the daily lives of residents.

Lady Netizen

The infestation is particularly concerning as four people in her compound, including her two children and two nieces, have already fallen ill with diarrhea.

Gracia initially approached the barangay officials, who failed to provide any solution. Despite escalating the issue to the Sangguniang Bayan, she was advised to file a formal complaint with the barangay, which she felt was a futile exercise given the lack of previous action.

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Lady Netizen

“Isang mapagpalang araw po sa lahat lalot higit po sa #DepartmentOfHealth. Ipagpaumanhin po ninyo kung bakit sa inyo ko na po ito iniaddress dahil po Wala po akong nakukuhang sagot o solusyon ng pamunuan ng brgy. para po sa problema naming ito sa langaw,” Vergara wrote.

The unsanitary conditions have led to multiple cases of diarrhea, particularly affecting children. Vergara pointed out that the situation could worsen with upcoming poultry harvests, which are likely to attract even more flies.

“Mamaya Maya po niyan ay maghaharvest na po ulet sa ibang mga poultry Kaya wala na po kaming magiging kapahingahan sa langaw. Maawa na po kayo dahil dine po sa aming compound ay apat na ang nagtatae,” she pleaded.

Vergara also points out the ineffective measures taken by local authorities, recounting an incident where a team came to spray for dengue prevention instead of addressing the fly problem.

“At noong sabihin po na sa loob po sila mag eespray ay hindi po ako pumayag dahil po may sanggol sa pagaakala nga po na langaw ang kanilang pupuksain. Subalit noong makaalis po sila saka po namin nalaman na para po iwas dengue po iyon,” she explained.

The lady netizen urged the DOH and other relevant authorities to address the fly infestation quickly to prevent further health complications in their community.

Marami pong Salamat at Nawa po ang panawagan ko pong Ito ay matugunan,” she added.

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