Diego Loyzaga Gets Perfect 10 As A Dad From Alexis Suapengco

Here’s how Alexis Saupengco would rate Diego Loyzaga as a father.

According to Alexis Saupengco, Diego Loyzaga has a 10 out 10 rating for being a father to their daughter, Hailey Paige. 

At 28, Diego Loyzaga is now a dad, and as a father, he is willing to give everything he has for his daughter Hailey Paige. He is focused on giving his daughter a life better than he had. To recall, on May 2023, Diego introduced his baby, as well as announcing that he finally became a dad.

Having a child is definitely a part of his plans. Hailey was planned and he’s been wanting to have her because he’s accordingly not getting any younger. His baby mother is Alexis Saupengco and early this year, she claimed that she and the baby were kicked out for another woman.

The actor spoke about this and expressed firmly that despite what happened, his baby will be taken care of definitely. He would provide and he definitely did. His baby just recently turned one year old and along with this milestone is the face reveal of his baby.

He threw a grand first birthday for Hailey and his baby mother were there indicating that they are on good terms. In an interview during the movie “Fruitcake” red carpet premiere, Suapengco was asked about him as a father and she rated him.

According to him, Loyzaga gets a perfect 10 when it comes to being a father. This rate surely tells how good the actor is as a father.

Meanwhile, as he celebrates his second Father’s Day this year, the actor spoke about his role of being a dad, to which he is most proud of. Smiling, he shared this about his daughter, “As she grows older, she changes. Lately, every time she wakes up, she’s a bit grumpy with us, so it’s always different.”

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