FAMAS 2024 Issue – Replacement Of Eva Darren Speaks

‘Younger Singer’ Sheena Lee Palad speaks up on the issue in FAMAS 2024 event.

Eva Darren replacement in FAMAS 2024 awarding night speaks up about the issue and this is what the younger singer said.

What created a stir online just recently is the post of Fernando de la Peña, son of veteran actress Eva Darren. In the post that have since went viral, he called out the organizers of the Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences (FAMAS) 2024 awarding event because of the “rude, disrespectful, unethical, and unprofessional” thing that they did towards his mother.

Darren was invited as a presenter in the event but after all the winners of the 72nd FAMAS has been acknowledged, his mother did not, even once, climbed the stage. She was supposed to present with Tirso Cruz III but an unfortunate thing happened. A young singer climbed up with Cruz and the veteran star was left unnoticed.

With this mishap, FAMAS publicly apologized to Darren through a statement acknowledging the fault in their team and expressed to make amends with the actress.

“We understand that an apology alone cannot undo the damage this might have caused Miss Darren but we are committed to make amends and rebuild her trust by a personal visit of the FAMAS Board to honor her stature, if she allows it,” says the statement that also explained as to why last-minute changes was applied.

Following the loud buzz, the young singer broke her silence and this younger singer’s name is ‘Bida Next’ grand finalist Sheena Palad.

In a social media post, Palad expressed that amid the issue, she was “harassed, maligned, called names, and thrown offensive accusations”. However, what kept her strength sturdy despite these is her faith.

She hopes that this incident may serve as a lesson learned for everybody and that is to not quickly judge others. She finds hope and relief in knowing that what she is going through is not even half as much as what her Savior have suffered.

In the video that she posted, it was explained that she was on standby for a production number but was told on the spot that she is to present with Cruz on stage.

“I deeply empathize with Madam Eva Darren and the whole family. I’m sure I would have felt the same resentment had it happened on our end.”

They would feel the same if it happened with them but the hate kept the situation unbearable. She expressed that instead of hating, people can support each other for the sake of the Philippine movie and entertainment industry.

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