LTO Dispense Motorcycle License Plates Via Barangays

LTO Uses Barangays to Distribute Motorcycle Plates

LTO – The Land Transportation Office (LTO) uses barangays to distribute motorcycle plates.

The Land Transportation Office has successfully distributed vehicle plates to over 24,000 passenger tricycles in Quezon City, utilizing the city’s barangays as a distribution network.

LTO chief Vigor Mendoza II, in collaboration with Mayor Joy Belmonte and Vice Mayor Gian Sotto, oversaw the distribution of the long-awaited license plates to duly franchised tricycle operators.

Photo Source: Motodeal

Based on a report from Inquier, Mendoza stated that now that all passenger tricycles in Quezon City have license plates, distinguishing them from unlicensed “colorum” tricycles will be easier.

He mentioned that the LTO plans to extend this license plate distribution process to motorcycles, using barangays across the country, in the coming days.

“The LTO will go down to the barangays across the country to distribute the license plates for motorcycles, most especially tricycles, because these are being used as a source of livelihood for many of our countrymen. This is an order from the President, and the LTO will obey this,” Mendoza said.

Photo Source: Autoindustriya

When the Marcos administration began in July 2022, Mendoza reported that the LTO faced a backlog of 12.5 million license plates—9.1 million for motorcycles and 3.4 million for four-wheel vehicles.

According to the report, since late 2023, the LTO has been producing 1 million plates each month, which allowed them to resolve the backlog for four-wheel vehicle plates at the beginning of this year.

“We have no more backlog for license plates of four-wheel vehicles. And President Marcos ordered us to finish the backlog for motorcycle license plates by June 2025. And we are on the right track in doing this,” Mendoza added.

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