VIDEO: Sheryl Cruz Shares Anjo Yllana Proposal Story

Sheryl Cruz Admits Anjo Yllana Proposed Marriage To Her

SHERYL CRUZ – Veteran actress Sheryl Cruz disclosed that she and actor-host Anjo Yllana got engaged back in the day.

Seasoned singer-actress Sheryl Cruz admitted in Fast Talk with Boy Abunda that her ex-partner Anjo Yllana proposed to her before she flew to America where she met her then-husband Norman Bustos.

In the episode of the said talk show this Thursday, Sheryl gamely told the King of Talk Boy Abunda, about her love story with Anjo. “Is it true na wala kayong closure ni Anjo?” Boy asked Sheryl.

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Sheryl’s revelation, “Actually, nagtampo ako sa kaniya noon because he actually asked for my hand in marriage that time before I left for the States and decided to actually try it there, that’s when I met Norman.”

Sheryl said she responded to Anjo’s proposal but their marriage did not go through either. “Nagtampo ka because? Bakit hindi natuloy?” Boy was curious.

Sheryl answered, “Because nga he asked for my hand in marriage and I said, ‘Yes.’ Tapos…I found out na he got somebody pregnant so kahit papa’no ‘di ba? ‘You broke my heart.’”

But Sheryl explained, she and Anjo tried to fix their relationship when she returned to the Philippines.

She said, “It was actually amazing because by the time I went back here sa Philippines and I myself got separated and divorced, nagkaroon kami ng moment na we were able to see each other again and we were able to catch up on things and tried to I guess have another go at it.”

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Even though what should have been a second chance for their love story didn’t work out, Sheryl is said to be in awe of Anjo being a good father to her children.

“But then you know hinahangaan ko siya because he’s a very good father and maayos naman ‘yung mga anak niya ‘yung gano’n. Same thing naman for me ‘di ba? If it doesn’t really quite work out with your relationship, it doesn’t mean that you cannot be a good parent,” said Sheryl.

The actress clarified the current state of her relationship with Anjo, “But you know, that’s already water under the bridge, we’re good friends.”

Meanwhile, Sheryl also admitted that there is a special person in her life now but she has not yet introduced him to the public.

“I don’t want kasi to have another failure of a relationship. If ever ‘di ba? Siguro women my age whose just going at it for a second go in terms of relationship siguro it’s just a matter of like companionship, partnership, with mutual respect in love,” said Sheryl.

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