Extinct Bird’s Feather Sold for P1.6 Million at Auction

Extinct Bird’s Feather Sold for P1.6 Million at Auction in New Zealand

An extinct bird’s feather was sold for a staggering amount of P1.6 million at an auction house in New Zealand.

A single-tail bird’s feather was auctioned off for more than a million pesos at Webb’s Auction House in New Zealand. The item fetched a record-breaking 46,521 New Zealand dollars, equivalent to $28,400 or P1.6 million.

The feather comes from the huia bird, an extinct species native to New Zealand. The huia bird has a historical value in New Zealand’s heritage, prompting the auction house to require bidders to be registered collectors.

Extinct Bird’s Feather

Interested collectors needed permission from the Ministry before participating in the auction. The last sighting of the huia bird was in the early 20th century. Historically, huia feathers have been highly prized, with previous bids reaching $5,100 or P181,000.

The latest auction expected a bid of $1,830 (P65,000), but the final bid far surpassed expectations, making it the “world’s most expensive feather ever sold.”

The huia feather is not just a rare item but also an important part of New Zealand’s history. For the indigenous Polynesian people of mainland New Zealand known as Maori, the huia feather was a symbol of tribal influence and prestige.

Extinct Bird’s Feather

The huia bird was once so revered that its population reached to the point of extinction.

According to the Museum of New Zealand, these feathers were used as body ornaments and ceremonial headdresses. They were also bartered for valuable items.

Webb’s Auction House explained that the huia feathers were traditionally given as gifts to symbolize friendship and respect. Wealthy Europeans often preserved hunted huia birds through taxidermy, displaying them as home decorations.

Nowadays, huia feathers and even the bird’s skin have become fashionable accessories. The trend shows the continuous human fascination with rare and exotic items.

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