March 2024 Civil Service Exam Results – Release Date

The Civil Service Commission announced the official release date for March 2024 Civil Service Exam Results (Professional & SubProfessional).

CSC’s Examination Announcement No. 4 series 2023 states that the March 2024 Civil Service Exam Results will be released within sixty-seven working days after the last day of eligibility tests.

CSC announced that CSE results will be out on May 9, 2024 (Thursday). The agency also informed the aspiring civil servants that the exam results might be released earlier or later than the scheduled date.

The Civil Service Exam takers have to obtain an 80.00% general rating to pass the eligibility tests. The examinations were conducted on March 3, 2024.

The agency will not send reports of ratings to individual examinees. CSE passers will be required to request the COE printed on CSC official letterhead by June 12, 2024. The letterhead is free of charge.

Successful examinees are instructed to bring their ID card and the application receipt or CSC official receipt. Newly-licensed civil servants can request COE printed on Security paper for free.

The document can be obtained by June 12, 2024, from 16 CSC Regional Offices across the country.  Exam passers can inquire on CSC regional officers if the document is already available.


Professional Level passers can apply for second-level (technical) and any clerical positions while SubProfessional Level passers can apply to first-level clerical government positions.

The Civil Service Eligibility is automatically granted to BAR Exam passers. Under Republic Act No. 1080, PRC board exam passers automatically receive CSC eligibility while honor graduates are already eligible under P.D. 907.

This is a developing report, just stay tuned for further updates.

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