Francine Diaz, Orange and Lemons Backstage Video, Netizens React

A video of Francine Diaz circulated online

A fan of Kapamilya actress Francine Diaz shared a video showing the time when she was waiting backstage before her performance at an event in Occidental Mindoro.

Francine’s guest appearance on that occasion became controversial. She was accused of disrespecting the Pinoy band Orange and Lemons. Videos surfaced showing that the band was already setting up and was about to perform when the host of the show called Francine’s name.

The Kapamilya actress went on stage after her name was called, greeted her fans, and performed a Taylor Swift song.

francine diaz orange ang lemons
📷: via @PinoyBizTeas / X

Francine Diaz allegedly “sumingit” because it was still Orange and Lemons’ time to perform. On the other hand, fans of the actress pointed out that she would not be on stage if her name was not called.

Following the statement made by O&L vocalist Clem Castro about respect, Francine shared a post on her Instagram Story saying that “respect goes both ways.”

The issue between the Kapamilya star and the Pinoy band seemed to have not come to its end yet. X user @PinoyBizTeas shared a video from a fan of Francine.

“Shared by one of the fans of [Francine Diaz], under the impression that netizens will side them but it is the other way around. who’s really at fault? orange & lemons who’s about to perform or the rbf one hit wonder starlet who just randomly appeared and took their spot to perform?” the netizen wrote in the caption of the post.

It can be seen in the video that the Kapamilya actress was waiting backstage, then, there was a part that showed that Orange and Lemons were about to go on stage.

In the comment section of this post, netizens accused Francine of having an “attitude” moment at that time and that she looked pissed. Here are some comments.

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