Pharmacist Humiliated by Customer for Refusing to Sell Medicine Without Prescription

Woman Faces Criticism After Humiliating Pharmacist for Refusing to Sell Medicine Without Prescription

A woman faced criticism online after publicly humiliating a pharmacist for refusing to sell her medication without a prescription.

Joan DV Alcudia, a Facebook user, shared a video of a pharmacist at a drugstore who allegedly declined to sell medicine to her because she did not have a prescription. The post quickly went viral and garnered various reactions online.

In the video, it appeared that there was a misunderstanding between the woman and the pharmacist. The pharmacy’s employee refused to sell prescription medication to the woman because she did not have a doctor’s prescription.


Alcudia expressed her frustration with the situation, questioning why she was not allowed to purchase the medication while others were able to do so. She even humiliated the pharmacist over the drugstore’s policy.

The pharmacist explained that she could not sell the medication without a prescription because her license was at stake.

Many people were angered by the woman’s actions of publicly humiliating the pharmacist. Health workers also expressed their frustration over the incident.

To obtain prescription medications, a doctor or other healthcare provider must provide a prescription to the pharmacy. Prescription drugs should only be taken by the patient for whom they are prescribed.

Over-the-counter (OTC) drugs are medications available without a prescription.

The online community commended the pharmacist for adhering to the policy of not selling prescription medicine without a prescription.

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Joan quickly removed the video after receiving backlash from internet users. She even argued with bashers who kept criticizing her for her inappropriate actions and for her lack of understanding.

The social media users expressed their reactions to the video:


The incident points out the importance of following proper procedures when obtaining medication and respecting the professional judgment of pharmacists.

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