Kylie Verzosa On Body-Shaming Comments She Receives

In an interview, Kylie Verzosa opens up about the body-shaming comments from people online.

Beauty queen-actress Kylie Verzosa says she still gets a lot of body-shaming comments and this is what she feels about it.

Online has become a lot of people’s platform to spread hate and negativity. The supposed to be kindness and encouragement that should be given to one another seems like has long been forgotten and currently under this circumstance is beauty queen-actress Kylie Verzosa.

She is being body-shamed for losing weight.

We are used to hearing stories about this woman who gained weight body-shamed by others but for Kylie, it’s the other way around. She is body-shamed for being too thin. Previously, she called out the body-shamers online and assured them that she is happy and healthy.

She stressed that it’s never okay to comment on one’s body. She said, “It’s never okay. I hope you guys are okay and just focus on yourselves and your own personal growth and well-being. Being kind to one another will always be in.”

“I still get a lot of body-shaming comments.”

This is what Kylie said when asked about this during her interview with Luis Manzano in his channel. Receiving such comments just feels a bit weird because she is actually taking care of herself and she is eating healthy. She also works out and doesn’t have any vices.

She insisted on taking care of herself not just for the looks but also to feel good about herself and feel strong. The actress emphasized “my body, my rules” and expressed that this type of comments must be stopped.

Kylie admitted that there was indeed a time when she asked herself if she’s too thin and even the struggles she went through with her weight but looking back to everything she was doing, she can say that she is healthy. She is proud of her fit body.

She said based on the video, “I’m just like happy about my body and where I am right now.”

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