Belgian Waffle Franchise Cost & Requirements — A Guide for Aspiring Franchisees

BELGIAN WAFFLE FRANCHISE COST – You can check here the fees and the requirements in franchising the Famous Belgian Waffles.

Are you one of the avid fans of Famous Belgian Waffles? You might be interested to take it into the next level by franchising the food business. You might be interested to check the Belgian Waffle franchise cost.

Famous Belgian Waffles Franchise Fee & the Inclusions — A Guide for Aspiring Clients

How Much Is the Famous Belgian Waffles Franchise Fee for Application

FAMOUS BELGIAN WAFFLES FRANCHISE FEE – Here is a guide on the cost in franchising this food business and the inclusions of the package.

In the Philippines, one of the most popular waffle brands is the Famous Belgian Waffles — aside from what its name suggests, it is well-known for its delicious waffles that come in different flavors. It was in 2012 when it started.

Famous Belgian Waffles Franchise Fee
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In just a few years, it has massively grown and it now has over 500 branches including a branch in San Diego, California. The food company has opened its brand for franchising.

The question is, how much is the Famous Belgian Waffles franchise fee? That one you can check below along with the details about the inclusions and the other fees.

Famous Belgian Waffles
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The Famous Belgian Waffles franchise fee depends if you will be opening a food cart, a kiosk, or a counting which comes with seating. Please note that the food company also requires a Php 50,000 security deposit which is refundable upon the expiration of the francise term of three (3) years.

Here is the franchise fee for each type of store:

  • Standard Food Cart starts at Php 730,000
  • Kiosk starts at Php 830,000
  • Counter with seating starts at Php 910,000

The above-mentioned costs exclude taxes. With regards to the Royalty Fee, it is set at 10% of the net purchase after the Value Added Tax (VAT). The Marketing Fee is set at 3% of the net sales.

The Famous Belgian Waffles requires the space to have a maximum of 3-6 sqm area for cart, 6-8 sqm maximum area for kiosk, and 8 sqm and above space for counter with seating. Here are the inclusions:

  • Use of FAMOUS BELGIAN WAFFLES trade mark
  • Business Operating System
  • Site Evaluation and Securing of lease
  • Store Set-Up
  • Pre-Operating Training and Orientation
  • Opening Assistance
  • On-going support

To apply for franchise, there is a set of a few requirements for the Famous Belgian Waffles franchise. There are also some steps that you have to go through,

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