Potato Corner Franchise — Here’s A Guide in Applying for Your Own Branch

Check here the Important Details about the Potato Corner Franchise

POTATO CORNER FRANCHISE – Here is a guide in applying to set up your own Potato Corner branch or store and many other important details.

One of the most popular food business in the Philippines is Potato Corner which is loved by countless people for its uniquely-flavored and deep-fried French fries. Its fries are a favorite of many Filipinos as well as foreigners who get to visit the country.

Potato Corner
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The Potato Corner got French fries of different flavors and sizes such as barbeque, cheese, and sour cream being the main flavors that many people love. It also got the chili barbeque, chili cheese, golden sweet corn, white cheddar, wasabi, and truffle flavors.

Potato Corner Franchise
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Aside from the French fries, Potato Corner also offers Hashbrown, thin and crispy Jojos, twisted fries Loopys, bite-sized potatoes Tater Tots, and weaved Waffle Fries.

You can buy the French fries in regular, large, jumbo, mega, giga, or tera sizes. The food brand has been serving countless people for more than two (2) decades already. Are you interested for a Potato Corner franchise?

Potato Corner allows franchising. It lies on the part of the aspiring franchisee to look for feasible locations as its assistance is limited to the assessment of the proposed site for approval of the franchise application.

The franchise offer is open not only for partnerships and corporations but as well as for sole proprietorships. You do not have to be a corporate employee to qualify for the franchise application.

With regards to the Potato Corner franchise cost, there are package offers that you can choose from. They come with different amounts and inclusions thus you can really choose the package that suits your budget.

Furthermore, there is a short list of requirements in applying for a franchise of the popular French fries business.

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