Bangkok Food Guide – Local Dishes You Must Try

BANGKOK FOOD GUIDE – Here’s a list of some of the authentic and local food dishes you must try if you’re in Bangkok. These are the foods that will ultimately give you the real taste of Thailand. This is your guide to some of the best food finds in Bangkok for a happy tummy!

Bangkok Food Trip – A Guide To Achieve A Fulfilling Trip

Here’s a Bangkok Food Trip guide to know the foods you must try first!

BANGKOK FOOD TRIP – If it is your first time in Thailand and ultimately wanted to try the local foods, we got you covered through this guide.

The ultimate food destination in Thailand is Bangkok. This is not only the center of night markets, temples with beautiful architecture, palaces, museums, parks, and shopping centers but also the center of food stalls, street foods, and restaurants where you will be served with the best of local and authentic dishes.

If you have three days only in Thailand, you must see this Bangkok Itinerary Sample for 72 hours. As you go along to explore this country, these are the local dishes you must try:

  • Tom Yum Mama Noodles – The best one in Bangkok can be found in Jay Oh, also known as Jeh O Chula. This humble dining was featured in 2019 Michelin Guide and well-loved for their famous mama noodle soup which comes with generous toppings 
Tom Yum
Photo from Seonkyoung Longest
  • Pad Thai – Thip Sa Mai accordingly has the best Pad Thai in Bangkok. This stall always has a snaking line of customers and if you are already here, make sure to to get one with an omelette wrapped around it.
  • Beef Noodle Soup – Wattana Panich has the best beef noodle soup. You will surely immediately fall in love with it beef that melts inside your mouth.
  • Woon Sen – This is vermicelli in Bangkok and usually comes with crab or shrimp. wondering where to find the best one in town? Head to Somsak Boo Op, a humble stall that serves this. Since it is a stall, expect a long queue of line.
Woon Sen
Photo from Eating Thai Food
  • Braised Pork Trotter – Among the most popular Thai street food dishes is the Braised pork leg Khao Kha Moo and one of the best places to get a plate of this is the Charoen Saeng Silom.
  • Chicken Rice – Michelin Bib Gourmand awardee in 2018 is Go Ang Pratunam’s Hainanese style chicken rice. This is just five-minute away from the Platinum Fashion mall. Delight your tongue with this fluffy seasoned rice with perfectly poached chicken dish.
Chicken Rice
Photo from TimeOut

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