‘Buwis Buhay’ Prenup Photoshoot Elicits Reactions Online

Lovely Couple’s ‘Buwis Buhay’ Prenup Photoshoot Goes Viral Online

A ‘Buwis Buhay’ pre-nuptial photoshoot in Surigao del Norte went viral online and elicited reactions from netizens.

A prenuptial photoshoot, often referred to as a prenup shoot, is a special photo session that engaged couples arrange before their wedding day.

During this shoot, the couple, usually accompanied by a photographer, selects a location or multiple locations to capture photos that reflect their love, personalities, and the journey they’ve shared leading up to marriage.

‘Buwis Buhay' Prenup Shoot

The purpose of a prenuptial photoshoot is to create a collection of professional photographs that can be used for various purposes, such as announcements, invitations, or decorative elements at the wedding reception.

It’s also an opportunity for the couple to bond, relax, and enjoy each other’s company amidst the excitement of wedding planning.

Couples often choose locations that hold importance to them, such as the place where they first met, their favorite hangout spots, or natural settings. The style and theme of the shoot can vary widely depending on the couple’s preferences.

‘Buwis Buhay' Prenup Shoot

Recently, Ken Paler, a Facebook user, shared photos of the heart-stopping ‘Buwis Buhay’ prenup photoshoot. The daring pre-nuptial photoshoot garnered various reactions from online users.

In the photos, the couple strikes poses on the edge of a platform, with the bride, Ritchen Boiser, appearing as if she’s about to fall. Despite the adventurous theme of the photo shoot, the bride remains stunning and captivating.

Adding to the excitement, Aishwarya Gamulo, the sister of the groom, Algie Turtor Gamulo, showed unwavering support by leaping into a river in Placer, Surigao del Norte. Her act symbolized the lengths she would go to for her brother and his future wife.

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The ‘Buwis Buhay’ prenup shot captured not only the thrill of adventure but also the depth of familial love and support. The daring photoshoot reminds us that love knows no bounds and that moments of adventure can create lasting memories.

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‘Buwis Buhay' Prenup Shoot

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