Bongbong Marcos Finally Talks About Relationship W/ Duterte Clan

Bongbong Marcos Asked About His Relationship W/ Duterte Clan

BONGBONG MARCOS – President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. talked about his relationship with the Duterte clan.

President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. responded with complexity when asked about his ties with the Duterte clan on Monday. Based on a report from Inquirer, his relationship with the Duterte clan is complicated.

Despite this, he emphasized that his professional rapport with Vice President Sara Duterte remained unchanged. Marcos noted that he maintains frequent communication with Vice President Duterte, reflecting on their consistent interaction since the campaign period and post-election.


President Bongbong Marcos added that Vice President Sara Duterte remains steadfastly focused on her duties amidst the ongoing controversies, expressing her commitment to work diligently despite the surrounding turmoil.

“I have the most contact with Inday Sara and how we were with each other during the campaign, after the election, it hasn’t really changed,” he said.

“She says, ‘No, I’ll just work. Don’t worry about it. I’ll just work and work and work and work.’ That’s her attitude,” BBM said.

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The rift between the Marcos and Duterte factions escalated this year, with the Dutertes launching numerous attacks against Marcos Jr. However, Vice President Duterte chose to remain silent amidst the tension.

In January, Davao City Mayor Sebastian Duterte challenged Marcos Jr. to resign, coinciding with his father’s supporters protesting against Charter change during Marcos’ Bagong Pilipinas rally in Manila.

Former President Duterte also accused Marcos Jr. of drug use, prompting Marcos Jr. to attribute the accusations to the effects of fentanyl, a painkiller the former president admitted to using. Additionally, in March, Duterte criticized Marcos Jr.’s frequent international travels, which Marcos Jr. brushed off.

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