7-Eleven Franchise Cost — Here’s How Much You Must Prepare For Your Own Branch…

Guide on 7-Eleven Franchise Cost for Aspiring Franchisees

7-ELEVEN FRANCHISE COST – You can check here a guide on how much you must prepare in franchising 7-Eleven to have your own branch.

In the Philippines, some convenience store chains have rose to massive popularity. One of these is the 7-Eleven, a convenience store chain owned by Japanese-firm Seven & I Holdings. It was in 1927 when it was founded in Dallas, Texas, United States and it has massive grown reaching several countries across the globe.

7-Eleven Franchise Cost or Fee
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The Philippines is one of the countries reached by the 7-Eleven. There are several branches of the convenience store chain in the country and many are really successful in their areas. Are you one of those people who have thought about franchising it for a speciific location?

You might be wondering about the 7-Eleven franchise cost and many other franchise details. Let us tackle these important details below for awareness about the franchising this popular convenience chain.

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The 7-Eleven franchise cost amounts “to Php 600,000.00 to be paid upon approval of the application”. Here are the fees that aspiring franchisees must be aware of:

  • Franchise Fee Php 600,000.00
  • Initial Store Supplies Php 170,000.00
  • Initial Merchandise Php 800,000.00
  • Construction Cost – approximately 2.03 Million Pesos

According to 7-Eleven, the total cash outlay will “range from 3.5 Million Pesos to 5 Million Pesos”. How much money you may make from the franchise? The convenience store chain stated that it is dependent on the following factors:

  • customer satisfaction through ensuring providing product assortment, the quality of service, the value of the products as well as the cleanliness, safety, and friendliness of the environment
  • implementation of all the 7-Eleven principles
  • recruitment and development of 7-Eleven store staff that are focused on giving clients a quality service
  • monitoring of sales and trends while managing the expenses

In case your store does not make a profit, the convenience store chain may temporarily man over the operation to help the franchisee. Meanwhile, you might like to know that the convenience store offers internal financing.

Under the internal financing program of 7-Eleven, up to 60% financing of the Initial Merchandise Cost may be provided to the aspiring franchisee. Existing convenience stores including those convenience stores of a gas station can be converted to 7-Eleven branches. The company also accepts ground-up development.

To franchise 7-Eleven, there are requirements for 7-Eleven franchise that aspiring franchisees must comply with.

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