Kathryn Bernardo Family Prefers Alden Over Jericho – Ogie’s Source

It is confirmed by a source that Kathryn Bernardo now has two suitors

A source of talent manager-vlogger Ogie Diaz revealed that the family of Asia’s Superstar Kathryn Bernardo prefers Asia’s Multimedia Star Alden Richards as her suitor over A-list actor Jericho Rosales.

Rumors linking Kathryn and Jericho first surfaced when they were spotted together having their late-night jog. It was eventually found out that they were not alone together as they were with Kathryn’s friend John Manalo at that time.

Kathryn was romantically linked to Alden when the latter joined the actress’s intimate birthday celebration in Palawan. This was followed by another sighting of them when Alden attended the surprise birthday party for Kathryn.

kathryn bernardo alden richards
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Then, the Kapuso actor was also present during Kathryn Bernardo’s housewarming party. This fueled the speculations about the real score between them. When asked about this, Alden Richards said, “What you see is what you get.”

In a recent episode of Ogie Diaz’s Showbiz Update vlog with Mama Loi and Tita Jegs, he revealed that according to his source, Alden has started pursuing Kathryn. “According to my source, sa kampo ni Kathryn, nanliligaw na nga ito si Alden kay Kathryn,” Ogie said.

The talent manager-vlogger added that it can be seen in their body language. When Mama Loi recalled Alden’s “what you see is what you get” statement, Ogie said, “That’s what we got from a source.”

alden kathryn family
📷: Showbiz Update vlog

Ogie also revealed, based on his source, that Kathryn’s family really likes Alden. Then, he shared the good traits that the Kapuso actor has which Kathryn’s family like such as being responsible and financially stable.

At naaaliw and family ni Kathryn kay Alden,” Ogie shared, adding that it is because the traits that they want a guy to have can be seen in Alden.

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Ogie also confirmed that based on his source, Jericho Rosales is also courting Kathryn Bernardo but the actress’s family prefers Alden Richards. “Kung botohan at botohan daw sa pamilya ni Kathryn ay mas boto sila kay Alden.

When Mama Loi asked why Jericho was not at Kathryn’s housewarming party, Ogie said, “That answers the question.”

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