It’s Showtime Host Cianne Traumatized After A Guy Attempted To Harass Her

It’s Showtime host Cianne was able to capture a video of the guy who wanted to take advantage of her

It’s Showtime host Cianne Dominguez was traumatized after a guy attempted to harass her at her condo unit.

Cianne is one of the newest additions to the Showtime family and she is under the management of Star Magic. With her wit and beauty, avid viewers of the show easily loved her. The celebrity would often share her glamorous and revealing photos and videos on Instagram with almost 80 thousand followers. She easily gets admiration because of this.

However, a recent video that she took and circulated on social media garnered fear and worry for her. Netizens were shocked because Cianne was able to capture a video of the guy who attempted to harass her.

it's showtime host cianne dominguez
šŸ“·: @cianne.dominguez / Instagram

Fan page Kapamilya Online World shared on Instagram the video that the It’s Showtime host took. It can be seen that she was chasing the guy as she was asking him what unit he was in because she would report him.

Cianne continued to follow the guy who went down the stairs and he stumbled as he was trying to escape. The guy was identified as Shervey Torno.

Before this video, the fan page shared a screenshot of the post from Johng Florendo who said that their family was bothered by what happened to Cianne Dominguez who was traumatized after the guy in the video attempted to r@pe her.

Johng also narrated what happened. It was said that the suspect followed Cianne to her condo unit and forcibly stopped her from opening the door. The suspect held Cianne’s waist and attempted to kiss her. She resisted and the suspect ran away.

Cianne instinctively took a video of the guy as he was escaping. In the post, the identity of the suspect was also revealed. The guy was named Shervey Torno but he also uses the name Ronnie Gray.

It was said that the suspect was captured by the OIC of the condominium building and that he is now under the custody of the Quezon City Police District.

The family of the It’s Showtime host asked the public to pray for her because she is under trauma because of that incident.

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